Moving is a pain in the neck—there’s no two ways about it. But it doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. With a little bit of planning (and this handy checklist), you can make sure that your next move is as stress-free as possible.

Before You Move:

    1. Give yourself plenty of time to plan. The more time you have to plan your move, the better. Trying to do everything at the last minute will only increase your stress levels.
    2. Start by making a list of everything you need to do. This will help you stay organized and on track.
    3. Set a budget for your move.Moving can be expensive, so it’s important to know how much money you’re willing to spend ahead of time.
    4. Start packing early. Packing takes longer than you think, so don’t wait until the last minute to start packing up your belongings.
    5. Get rid of anything you don’t need or want. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of but never got around to doing it.
    6. Find a good moving company. If you’re hiring professional movers, make sure you do your research and find a reputable company with good reviews.
    7. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order. This includes things like your lease agreement, utility bills, driver’s license, etc.
    8. Pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you’ll need for your first few days in your new place. This should include things like toiletries, clothes, medications, etc.

During Your Move:

    1. Double-check all the rooms in your old place to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
    2. Pack up your car carefully.
    3. Drive safely to your new place.
    4. Unpack your belongings as soon as possible.
    5. Change your address.
    6. Update your contact information.
    7. Install any new furniture or appliances.
    8. Explore your new neighborhood.
    9. Meet your neighbors.

After Your Move:

  1. Unpack all your boxes.
  2. Clean your new place from top to bottom.
  3. Put away all your belongings
  4. Make any necessary repairs or alterations.
  5. Settle into your new routine.
  6. Enjoy your new home!

Following this checklist will not only help ensure that everything goes according to plan but will also help reduce the amount of stress that comes along with moving homes—and who doesn’t want that? So what are you waiting for? Get started on packing up those boxes and getting ready for your big move!