FAQs - Moving Frequently Asked Questions

New Beginnings Moving and Hauling FAQS

Moving is difficult and stressful regardless of whether you’re moving to a new location or shifting the business you run to a different site. There are numerous aspects to think about including the packing process and organizing of your possessions to hiring a professional to help with the move and managing the operation of the move itself.

To make the moving process less stressful and easier We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding moving. Whether you’re moving for the first time or an experienced pro, these FAQs include everything from packing tricks to the best method to select a moving service.

We hope these FAQs will give you the knowledge you require to make your move as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If you have additional queries or concerns, don’t be afraid to speak to an experienced moving company or ask advice from your relatives and friends who have been through the process of moving before.


Is it worth it to hire a professional moving company?

It is generally a good idea to hire movers when you’re dealing with a lot of things. This is especially true when you’re planning a residential relocation.

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How much do local movers usually cost?

The average national cost of moving is $1,300 and a range of $700-$2,400. It is important to note that this range of prices is for a 2-person moving team that is completing an area move that is under 100 miles. For long-distance moves the cost of moving increases from $2000 to $5,500. If you’re planning to move, you may consider hiring New Beginnings Moving and Hauling.

How can you prepare your appliances for moving?

Appliances like dryers, washers, and refrigerators need to be removed and the washer should be stabilized. Your estimator will assist you in understanding how the appliances are being properly maintained. Every local moving company has agreements with local service companies that provide this kind of service. However, full-service moving companies as well as national moving companies will be able to offer all the moving services you need. Make sure you know whom your moving company will be employing since you’ll be required to allow these individuals inside your house to perform the service.

Do Moving Companies Ship Cars?

Certain circumstances may mean that moving companies will transport your car and furniture in one shipment. If the company is equipped with the proper equipment and experience to ship cars, they might be willing to transport everything in one go, based on two aspects cost and logistics. However, it’s generally more costly to move your car and your things together.

Do moving companies provide boxes and packing materials?

In general, moving companies provide boxes at cost or as part of their service. When you book your move, be sure to confirm which boxes you will receive, and which boxes aren’t included with your moving company.

Do movers provide packing for you?

Yes! A full-service moving service is a moving service that allows movers to pack and unpack your items for you. The benefit of having this type of service is that packing your own could take weeks and sometimes even months. Professional packers can finish the task in just one or two days based on the dimensions of the property you’re moving to. They can also unpack for you according to your needs at the time of your arrival. The advantage to both this service is you can be focused on your family and working instead of wasting long hours packing and unpacking.

Can you hire movers with moving one piece of furniture?

Absolutely! Hiring professional movers is no longer only to help when you are in moving your house. With companies for moving like New Beginnings Moving and hauling you will be able to get help when you have to move only a few objects that are too heavy to do all on your own.