If you’re a parent of plants, you feel like your plants are part of the family. The thought of leaving them at home during the process of moving is a nightmare and you wouldn’t want them to be hurt or even die during transport.

Here are some ideas on how to keep your plants healthy when you move, whether in the same town or across the country.

Moving With Plants

Experts from the plant industry claim that plants feel the stress of moving as we do. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that their journey is as smooth as it can be. The ideal scenario is to move your plants inside the vehicle you’re in so that you can monitor them, but this isn’t always feasible or practical.

There is a way to transport plants using air freight, but the airline will not provide any additional assistance for these plants. They’ll be treated the same way as other cargo which often isn’t treated with the utmost respect.

Two of the top tips for traveling for plants are one make sure they are in a straight line, and two keep them out of high temperatures as much as you can.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few additional tips and tricks to move plants around and ensure they are as happy as they can:

  1. Pack Them Carefully – Your plants should arrive all in one piece. Moreover, that’s why they need safe packaging to accomplish that. Each part of the plant needs to be protected while permitting the plant to remain hydrated. Dehydration is a major issue when moving. To avoid dehydration you should ensure that your plants get a good soak for a few days prior to the day of the move. Soil should be at least partially moist at the time of the relocation. Keep water in the tank during transport so that you can replenish any plant that seems thirsty.
  2. Wrap The Leaves – Newspaper is a fantastic wrapping tool as it lets your plants breathe. If you own a plant that has leaves is at risk of being flattened in the course of the move. Newspapers firmly secured with tape can stop this from occurring. To get the best results, place all of your wrapped green plants in a tall container with an elongated lid. They’ll be happy in this humid environment and it’ll ensure that they are safe during transport.
  3. Pack Plants Together According To The Type – It’s well-known that cacti do not always play well with other plants. To avoid harm to more vulnerable plants, put succulents and cacti into their own container and then remove the lid when you arrive. They’ll require plenty of sunshine to recover from the relocation.
  4. Use Labels – Keep the lids closed until the very last minute to ensure the plants have room to breathe and absorb sunlight. Label your containers so that you don’t get lost in the plant’s location when you open the boxes.

It is also possible to line the moving containers with plastic bags to protect your plants in the event that they leak. The last thing you would like is for your cardboard boxes to fall apart and your potted companions to fall over and break.

Recovering From The Relocation

Moving is a difficult experience for houseplants. Like you, they’ll require patience and time as they adapt to their new home.

To assist your plants in adjusting to their new surroundings you can:

  • Open boxes as soon as possible. Plants are not able to thrive long in a sealed box. They’ll require sunshine and fresh air to bounce back.
  • Plant your plants in the areas that they are comfortable in. Mist your plants to aid in regaining their strength. Place the succulents directly in sunlight and place the native rainforest plants in a light shade.
  • Remove flowers if you need to. Eliminating flowers or foliage that appear dead can aid your plant to concentrate its energy on regrowth and recovery.
  • Give them a bit more. Particularly if you relocated in the summer, improving the health of your plants with a fertilizer for your houseplants could be a game changer.
  • Be patient. It could take your houseplants time to fully adjust to a new setting for several weeks, or perhaps months. Be patient and keep in mind that they are adjusting exactly the same way as you are.

Your Plants and You’re New Home

For some, it’s hard to seem like a home with no plants. With these tips, you can ensure that your plants arrive in good condition and you can begin enjoying your new home with them.

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