Moving into a new house can be a thrilling but stressful experience, often followed by the realization that you’ve amassed a massive number of belongings. Decluttering before moving is vital because it will assist you in saving time, cash, and energy, as well as providing an opportunity to start fresh in your new home. If you decide to move, you must pack and transport everything else. When you employ a moving company, you’ll pay more to move things you won’t need in your new home.

This article will discuss practical strategies and tips to clear your home efficiently and ensure a more accessible and efficient moving experience and to make moving day as cheap and stress-free as possible clear your home before packing.


Give Yourself Time

Be sure to decide what you want to pack and what to dispose of before the moving day arrives. Instead, begin planning for at least two weeks. Mark out the time daily to tackle a new space or a closet within your house. Break down the task into smaller pieces so that you don’t get enticed to throw everything into boxes and then take it off.


Utilize the Extras

If you’ve got a lot of household items and toiletries, such as shampoo or toilet paper and soap, you should start using the leftovers now to have less to take with you. If you’re running out, purchase a smaller size to make it through the moving.


Create a Sorting System

Set up a simple sorting system to categorize items efficiently. Think about using the four-box system: one box for items to keep, another for items to sell or donate, one for recyclable items, and another for things to dispose of. It will allow you to quickly determine each item’s future and help ensure everything is clear.


Begin with a Necessities Box

A basic box contains everything you’ll require on your move, including a toilet paper roll and a box cutter, nails, and a hammer. Label the box and carry it with you when you move so that you can start digging through all your boxes, searching for something essential.


Tackle Sentimental Items

It’s much easier to eliminate a set of sheets you’ve never liked than something with sentimental value. Make the more challenging decisions at the last moment, like how to dispose of unloved but sentimental gifts, so you stay calm when getting rid of clutter.

Decluttering your sentimental possessions is challenging, but ensuring a smooth move is vital. Set aside time to sort through your belongings, recognizing the memories they hold to while considering the space they’ll occupy when you move into your new residence. Keep a few essential items and take photos of other things to keep memories intact without the physical clutter.


Use Three Boxes

For every room you work on, bring three boxes: one for things you’ll keep, another for items to dispose of, and the third one for things to sell or donate. Place every item into the boxes when cleaning out the drawers and closets.


Enlist Help

Feel free to ask family members or friends to help you during decluttering. They can offer emotional support, aid in making decisions, and even help physically move items. In addition, their presence can help make the experience more pleasant and effective.


Use the One-Year Rule

If you need help deciding whether to donate or keep something, consider asking yourself honestly! If you’ll ever utilize it in the future. For instance, set an expiration date for clothing. If you’ve not worn something for one year, you likely will not wear it again, so place it in the donation box. With towels, sheets, or kitchen utensils, look for duplicates. While having three sheets is ideal, just two or three will suffice. The same goes for spatulas and hand towels. This rule applies to kitchenware, clothes, gadgets, household appliances, and other items. Examine every item’s utility and emotional worth to determine if it’s worth keeping or giving away.


Inspect Expiration Dates

Your pantry or bathroom contains some items that are beyond their peak. Before packing something, check for expiration dates or remember when you purchased it. Spices last long, but they lose their potency after about six months. If you’ve had the spice jar for a while, you can open it and smell it. If you don’t notice a strong scent of the spice, the pot should be thrown away. Many makeup products like concealer and mascara expire in the bathroom after one year. While it’s okay to keep using old makeup, it’s the perfect time to dispose of items you’ve not worn for a long time.


Sell or Donate Unwanted Items

After you’ve cleared every room in your home, you can either dispose of what you don’t need or give it away to a charity. You’ll be able to get rid of all that clutter and earn a bit of money to offset your moving expenses.

Instead of throwing away everything you don’t want any junk, consider selling them or making them available for donation for a new chance. Create an event at your garage, list your items on online marketplaces, or donate to local schools, charities, or shelters. This could also be an opportunity to recover some of your moving costs or contribute to an important cause.


Plan Your New Space

Imagine your new home and consider how your possessions will fit in the space. Be aware of the dimensions and arrangement of each room and the storage options. By thinking about where things will be put, you’ll more easily determine whether they’re worth moving.



Decluttering your home before moving will not only make it easier to complete the process of moving but also gives you a chance to get started with your new house. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll be in the process of a simple and organized move. Take advantage of the process and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free life in your new home. If you are looking for a reliable moving company, we at New Beginnings Moving and Hauling could assist you. Contact us so we could help you with your next local move.