How to Prepare Your Home for a Move: 10 Tips to Clean and Organize Your Home Before Moving

If you’re planning the long haul or just a tiny move across the town, making sure you get your home clean is a daunting job. Getting ready can be overwhelming, from organizing and decluttering to packing and cleaning on a moving day. New Beginnings Moving and Hauling is aware of the excitement of moving to a new place and the hard work required to finish the job. To ease the process, we’ve developed this short guide to our top professional tips to tidy and organize your home before moving.

  1. Start Planning Early as Possible

    It would be best to contemplate packing when your home goes up for sale, or you are sure it’s time to move out of the apartment. Check out your home. Once you look at the attic, basement garage, and other hidden storage areas, you’ll likely have more stuff than you realized. Starting your making plans will allow you to assess everything and determine what’s going to you, what’s being recycled, and which items are being moved into long-term or short-term storage.

  2. Get Mentally and Emotionally Prepared

    A big move locally or moving and packing across the country is a huge task, especially if you’re moving into an area with a smaller square area. Before you begin cleaning and organizing your space and packing, you need to conduct a mental check-in with every family member. It’s a considerable shift to relocate, and many people have difficult memories to let go of. It can be particularly difficult for children as it could be the only place they’ve ever had. It’s also a challenge for older people since they usually require a reduction in their belongings to make room in the new house.

  3. Fully Declutter First

    The clearing is essential to getting your home ready to move in. It makes the task of organizing and cleaning less stressful. Decluttering means removing things you are confident you will not be packing to relocate. It includes items damaged or broken, rubbish, or something you plan to give to others. As you begin going through your drawers, closets, and cupboards, you could be shocked by the number of items you’ve stored in those little corners and nooks. A standard method for organizing your home is to make three piles to store your items: Donate, Keep, and Trash. It is easy to arrange things and makes cleaning out less stress-inducing.

  4. Set Up a Box Room Area

    A great way to arrange your possessions and prepare for your local or long-distance relocation is to build an area for boxes or where your boxes packed with items could be stored before your move. Cleaning out one room or making an area in the garage or basement to keep packed boxes will give you a central location to store your packages, so they only occupy part of the space of individual rooms. It can also help monitor your progress and give you enough time to pack since you’ll know what’s set to go and what’s still to be loaded. As you fill the space in your box with boxes packed with items, you may discover that you require more space. Finding a local storage space such as New Beginnings Moving and Hauling will provide the security to keep the things you’ve packed up until the moving day. Moving boxes from your house will also let you clean each room after they have been cleaned out, rather than leaving everything until the end.

  5. Think About Storage and Living Space for Your New Home

    In most cases and move, there is a change in the area they’re getting. If you’re moving to larger residences, you can relocate everything you have in your present home you’d like to keep. You may be able to purchase new furniture and accessories. If you’re reducing your home, it’s essential to determine what you’ll be allowed to bring along and what items you’ll have to sell, donate, or offer for sale. Also, it’s essential to consider how your storage space will change when you move from one place to another. For instance, suppose you’re moving from a house with a garage and basement to one without a garage. In this scenario, you must consider other storage options, like an encrypted storage facility.

  6. Donate and Sell

    One of the aspects of organizing is decluttering, which means there are items you’ll need to give away or sell. Donating your things is an excellent method of giving back to the community and benefits both parties. Selling things is another method to tidy and arrange before moving. It might be necessary if you plan on reducing your living space. Selling appliances or furniture before relocating is a fantastic way to boost your budget for the new house’s interior and furniture. The process is simple, with many options to sell or donate it.

  7. Sort and Pack Each Room One at a Time

    To help you get moving and avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s recommended to begin with organizing the least-used room first. It is usually the home office, the den, and the spare room. It’s best to start by organizing a room you frequently use throughout the day, such as your kitchen or bedroom. Finding a common-use item among the pile of boxes that’s already been packed is a hassle. Another tip is to ensure you only pack items in the same space together. That will help make it easier to locate things before the move and to organize and take boxes out of the new house.

  8. Make Sure to Label Your Boxes

    It might appear minor, but one of the most significant errors we observe as professional movers are that we must label their boxes for moving. You might think you’re saving time, or you’ll be able to remember what items are in what packages, but you’ll probably lose track and spend lots of time looking through them or shifting the boxes to different rooms due to you unsure of what to do with the boxes on the day of moving. Labeling each box with the room it is within, and its general contents are recommended.

  9. Pack Your Essentials

    When the day of your move is near, it is essential to consider efficient methods to tidy and organize before moving. If you’re working with an expert moving company to pack your belongings, keeping “like things” all in one place can simplify the packing process for the workers and make for a more efficient packing process. Creating a container for necessities or items needed last minute can help you remember things that could be put in the box now and then packed later. It is not usually considered in the first place, but having a storage space with toiletries and other things you’ll require until the day of your move and the first night of moving into your new residence can make the initial night more relaxing. Not locating your toothbrush, soap, and towels will cause you to be frustrated and exhausted!

  10. Thoroughly Clean as You Go

    Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to clean your old house after everything is gone thoroughly? With the short turnaround time on the dates of possession and people trying to reduce their expenses for carrying, likely, there will be only a short time between when your possessions are removed, and the new owners are in control. Like how we suggest you clean, organize, and then pack a room at one time, the same method can assist you in cleaning every room once it’s packed and ready to move. The checklist for deep-cleaning in every room should include cleaning or vacuuming the floors, wiping your walls and baseboards, and the trim, wiping down the mirrors and windows, and cleaning dirt and dust from the light fixtures and power outlets.

With some planning and working the job in stages, cleaning and organizing your home before the move shouldn’t be a hassle. From professional packing services and moving to short-term and long-term storage services, New Beginnings Moving and Hauling is equipped to help you move! Contact us now for a no-cost estimate.