Every moving situation is not optimal. If you are in a less-than-ideal situation of having to move in a hurry, don’t lose your focus. There are many ways to ensure that your move is smooth even when the clock ticks.

Here are a few tips to aid even the most stressed-out moving company.

1. Plan Your Actions

First, you must hire movers or lease a truck to transport your items from your home to your new residence in a safe manner. After you’ve taken care of that then you should sketch out the remaining details of your strategy.

Choose what must be taken to take care of immediately like notifying your children’s school in case they’re changing districts or schools and what can wait until the very last minute like switching off your utility. A plan will keep you well-organized on the day of your move and the days that lead up to the day.

2. Wake Up An Hour or Two Earlier

Although it may sound a bit obvious, having an early start in your day could be a game changer. If you’re not a morning person, think about making yourself one at the time of your trip. In the future, you’ll be grateful that you didn’t click the snooze button five times.

Even waking up one hour earlier than usual allows you to complete your list of things to do for the day, and finish things that you’ve forgotten about or put off for the night before. Even waking up an hour earlier could ease some tension and panic, as you’re now in a position to do things you may not have had prior.

If you’re planning on getting up earlier, do not allow yourself to be distracted. Make sure you know what you have to accomplish and allow yourself enough time. Also, think about the responsibilities on moving day for the customer. Also, be aware of what is expected of you on the day of the move.

3. Make Time to Purge

The fewer things you have and the less you’ll need to take home and remove. Make a pile of things to keep, donate, or toss away and try to not make sentimental decisions. Remember that it’s easier to separate giveaway items while packing, rather than taking them out, so don’t get in a rush to keep this task for your new home.

4. Stay Focused

When you’re packing to move, it’s easy to be lost in the nostalgia for old objects or your phone or TV. To avoid getting distracted, set yourself particular tasks (i.e. cleaning out the closet for linens) and don’t stop until the immediate task is completed. You can speed it up and set a timer to one hour to see how quickly you can get the job completed.

5. Take Photos Before You Pack

If you’re moving in a hurry, likely, you won’t have enough time to consider each item you own and compile a detailed inventory of your belongings. Photographing your belongings will help you maintain a record of your possessions quickly.

If you’ve hired movers having a record of the nature, number, and condition of your possessions before the move could be beneficial to have on hand if something is lost or damaged during the moving process. One glance at the image will help you make your home look more appealing, reassemble furniture, and arrange your belongings the way you used to organize them before.

6. Contact a Junk Removal Service

If you don’t have the time to give your donation or dispose of items. Some people can take care of the job for you. Companies that remove junk will visit your home and pick up anything that’s not going with your move – whether it’s to be donated or thrown away and they’ll sweep the floors after they’re done. This will save you lots of time.

7. Create a Station for Packing

Looking around for scissors or packing tape during a hurry can waste your time. Set an area for packing that could be a great time-saver. Get your supplies ready, such as boxes packaging tape as well as bubble wrap, scissors markers, etc. You can establish two-step packing processes such as this to help you get organized:

  • Use boxes around the house to put away the things that must be moved
  • Return the box to the station of packing so that it is ready to be loaded

The idea of keeping all of your equipment at the station for packing will keep you well-organized throughout the entire process.

8. Take a Bag of Essentials

To make it easier on yourself during the day of the move, make sure you pack an itemized bag that you don’t want to leave without. Things like medication, chargers, essential documents as well as toiletries, and an outfit change in your reach will prove essential on a hectic move day.

9. Invite Your Friends to Join You

If you’re faced with having to move within a short timeframe you can turn to the people around you. Ask your family and friends for help to make the task more efficient and less stressful.

10. Let the Movers Do Their Work

Another important resource to look to is professionals who can help you move. The ability to move fast and efficiently is their specialization. Professional movers can pack up any last-minute items, wrap furniture, and then load trucks.

Moving in a hurry isn’t the best way to go, however, sometimes life happens to you quickly. With New Beginnings Moving and Hauli we’re happy to assist you in your move regardless of how hectic it is. Contact us now!