How to Safely Move with Valuable or Fragile Items?

One of the worst things you’d want to happen during moving is to have any of your possessions damaged. This is particularly true for your most prized possessions that require extra care. Suppose these items are of an essential financial value or emotional worth, or a mix or both of these. You’re sure to have possessions that aren’t easy to box up and put in trucks, like appliances or your old couch in your basement, to be loaded. Learning to pack correctly and transport valuable objects is essential to ensure they get to your new residence in the same condition. Here are some guidelines on how to transport useful things securely.

Prepare Before Packing

Before packing, you must determine the most delicate items you have and devise the best way you will pack them. If you are prepared, you can protect your valuable items from damage and ensure they arrive in good condition in your new home.

Know The Value of Your Items

Before doing anything else, you should get any item that you think is important assessed by experts. This will not only provide you with a better understanding of what a family’s treasures are worth something. But it’s essential to protect yourself in the unlikely event that any item is damaged during moving.

Use The Right Packing Materials

The cardboard boxes you picked up at the store might be perfect for packing luxury items or collectibles. However, the proper packing materials can be crucial in determining the best way to fill your precious items. If you’re planning to move, you’ll need to ensure you have packing materials that cushion and secure your belongings during the moving process. They should also prevent your items from moving throughout the transport. Ensure that the packing materials also keep your valuable possessions intact. Employing a professional mover can ease some of the stress regarding this, as they have experience with packing supplies and expertise on the best methods to protect fragile and valuable objects.

Use a Different Variation of Box Sizes

You should purchase various boxes of different sizes to protect your valuable possessions. Think about packing heavier items into smaller containers, placing lighter things in larger boxes, and placing the larger boxes over them. The availability of different sizes of packages allows you to organize your space better while you take boxes on your journey to your new residence.

Wrap Valuable Items Individually

If you own an assortment of critical small items, such as antique dishes or collectible figurines, do not pack them in the same container. There’s a good chance that some or all could fall apart if placed inside one container, and there’s a problem. Make sure to wrap each one separately with bubble wrap or paper to ensure they’ll be safely secured during the journey.

Be More Extra Careful with Glass

It is given that glass is fragile and must be handled with care. It is the same for any valuable glass objects you might possess. Glass items must be covered entirely in bubble wrap. If they are packaged in boxes, they should also be surrounded with bubble wrappers or other cushioning material. For mirrors, apply packing tape that forms the shape of an “X” across the front to keep it intact in case of breakage.

Place Framed Artwork in Carton Boxes

Frames usually keep your precious artwork secure when you hang it on the wall. However, they won’t be able to do that when you’re transferring it to the new location. It’s best to take advantage of specially-sized boxes to shield your art and the frame it’s placed in during shipping. Since the quantity of stress and movement that boundaries are subject to could cause them to break or shatter, making your artwork vulnerable to damage.

Always Keep an Eye on Everything

Your precious possessions are worth more to you than all of your possessions. However, it isn’t easy to keep all of them in the process of moving. It makes them more susceptible to being stolen or lost. Keep track of your valuables when you move, particularly smaller objects like jewelry. It’s vital to ensure you are covered for these things in case they’re lost or stolen during your relocation. Labeling all boxes and keeping a comprehensive list of all the items you’ll be bringing along is vital. So, you’ll be able to inventory everything upon arrival to ensure nothing was lost during the journey.

Make Sure to Seal Your Boxes

Make sure to cover the boxes using packing tape after you’ve finished packing. This will ensure that the box won’t open at any time during transport.

Labeling Your Packages

If you are packing delicate items, it’s essential to label the item as “Fragile” or “Handle With Care”. This will immediately signal to the person in charge of the item to take care when handling it. You should not place any information on top of your box. Instead, write it on the edges of the boxes.

Making sure your valuable possessions are protected during the process of moving is essential for a variety of reasons. Of course, the best way to ensure that your controls are secure during the relocation is to use skilled and experienced professional movers. New Beginnings Moving and Hauling has earned a track record of providing safe, reliable service, no matter the type of thing you’re looking to relocate. Call us now to start.